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Mindy Ellis

Co -director/ Instructor

Mindy Ellis has been teaching at the Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance for 20 years.  As co-director of the studio, she teaches all skill levels, ages, and styles, but focuses mainly on class instruction for rhythm tap, jazz and lyrical.  

Year after year Mindy’s choreography remains fresh and unique.  She has developed an art for being able to stage and “move” her choreography, which adds visual flair to performances and also keeps her pieces flowing and dynamic for students.  MIndy has won numerous awards for her choreography as well as many overalls.  She has a friendly yet direct teaching style that resonates with students whether they’re toddlers or teenagers.

Mindy’s “dance career” at the age of five.  Back then, however, she was Mindy Fledderman and could never have known that she would eventually marry Barbara’s son, Scott, and become part of the family… and part of the family business.  But as fate would have it, she loved dancing and showed signs early on of being a great choreographer and teacher.

Mindy took classes at Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance up until she graduated from Rampart High School in Colorado Springs.  She then attended Mesa State College where she was a dancer and choreography for the Repertory Company.  While at Mesa State, she also taught dance through the continuing education department.

From there, Mindy moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and danced professionally with Scott Evans Productions and DSI Productions based out of Miami.  But her heart was in Colorado, so she returned home and reunited with Barbara and began her teaching career at the studio.  Soon after, sparks flew with Scott and she officially became an “Ellis.”

Mindy loves her job and feels lucky to have so many wonderful students.  Their dedication and talent is what continues to inspire Mindy daily in a career she truly loves.

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