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BESD Policies 

The policies of Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance were designed to promote an organized, professional studio and to create a positive learning environment for your child. By following these policies, you will help your child excel in the fine art of dance.




Tuition info and General Fees


*  There is a non refundable registration fee of $85.00 due at registration, with a costume fee of $85.00 per class for recreational classes.

*  The costume fee must be paid in full by October 1 and is NON REFUNDABLE once costumes have been ordered.  (Dec 1st)

*  Tuition is due the first week of each month. There will be a $15.00 late fee added after the 10th. We accept cash, check, credit card and auto bank payments. All returned checks will assume a $25.00 return check fee. Bank check deposits may be mailed to: Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance, 6872 Grapewood Circle, Co Springs, CO, 80918.




Attendance and Tardiness


To make the most out of your dancer’s dance education, a respectful attitude and regular attendance is expected. If the instructor feels that a student has missed an excessive number of classes, it is up to the instructor if the student may perform in the annual production or any other prescheduled performances. Costumes fee will not be refunded, and all tuition is still due. It is important to attend classes due to spacing and safety of your dancer. If your dancer must miss class, please call the office before the class begins to let the instructor know. It is also the dancer’s responsibility to learn any choreography missed before their next class. If your dancer has an injury, and they cannot participate in class, please remind them that it is a physical injury and not a mental injury. Observing class can be just as educational as actually taking a class. We do not adjust tuition according to missed classes. Make up classes are encouraged and must be attended during the same month as the absence. You can schedule those through the office. If your dancer is more than 15 minutes late to class, it is up to the dancer to warm up on their own and then join the class.




Snow and Bad Weather


If District 49 or District 20 has a delay due to weather, all morning classes are canceled and will be rescheduled ASAP. If District 20 is cancelled, Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance will decide by 1pm to either cancel or hold classes that day. We are allowed 2 snow days per season before a make-up class is scheduled. Information will be posted on the BESD Facebook page and on our website.




Liability Release and Use of Photo Forms


All students must fill out a Liability Release form and a Photo and Video Release form to have on file in the office. Your dancer will not be allowed to participate without these forms unless other arrangements have been made with BESD.




Dress Code




  • Ballet – Black leotard, (No Shorts) pink or white tights (tights must go into shoes) Hair secured in a bun. Pink ballet shoes.

  • Hip Hop – Clothes you can move in. Clean tennis shoes. No baggy clothing. No Denim

  • All Other Styles – Dance/ Yoga pants with a leotard or fitted shirt.




Pick Up & Drop Off


Please have your student at the studio 5 to 10 minutes prior to class. This gives them time to prepare for class. When picking up your student please do not park in the driveway area of our lot. Parking is available in the back and on the side of the building. Please be prompt when picking up your dancer. If you are going to be more than 30 minutes late picking up your dancer, please call the studio to let us know. If the parent is late, after the last class of the night, you will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes to pay for the instructor to stay and supervise your child. This charge will be given to the instructor for that night.




Misc. Info


* If it is necessary that your dancer must bring food to the studio, please make it healthy choices. All clean up is up to the dancer. Do Not Leave A Mess!


* All dancer and parents must behave in a respectful and courteous manor both in the studio and at all outside of studio events. Remember you are representing Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance!

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